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The Manufacturing Technology & Machine Tools Laboratory belongs to the Mechanical Engineering Department of Technological Institute of Central Macedonia in Serres, Greece. Founded over a decade ago, today is considerably expanded and well equipped in order to successfully fulfill its academic mission, serving the educational process and pushing forward specific research areas of promising technological aspects.

More specifically, the aim of the Laboratory is to provide excellent education in the subjects of Manufacturing Technologies (i.e. High speed machining, micro manufacturing, machine tools, materials testing & characterization, computational methods in manufacturing, robotics etc.).

 In addition to that, the Laboratory improves and continuously updates it’s expertise through the implementation of research projects. The Laboratory’s philosophy embraces also close cooperation with the industrial sector by providing specialized services and technology transfer to the industry.

The Laboratory’s activities are related to the following disciplines:

  • Design and manufacturing of mechanical products
  • Manufacturing systems and computer aided methods (CAD / CAM / CAE)
  • Quality control of materials and mechanical products & processe